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Updated 17/2-2019


Coogan´s is ending. I need a break and have decided to stop my breeding - maybe for ever - maybe for a time. But for this year and the next years forward - I will only have one more litter. Due March 2019


Welcome to Coogan´s Maine Coon, which started in 1994; with my first Maine Coon. The first Coogan´s Litter was born in 1997.

My effort is to spread knowledge of the gentle Giant - the Maine Coon - and to breed Healthy, strong and loving Maine Coons.

My cattery is located near Roskilde - app. 30 km away from Copenhagen, in a very lovely and sweet village.

My kittens are not available before they are at least 16 weeks old according to the vaccinations. And also according to the Fifé rule; saying kittens are not allowed on the shows before they are at least 4 months old.

Kittens sold for pet - will all be neutered before leaving the home. This is not up for discussion.

I am a Fifé registrated Cattery and a member of the all breed Cat Club DARAK affiliated with Felis Danica.

I hope that you will enjoy my homepage and the pictures of my present cats, neuters and kittens.

Lene Glem


SC. Coogan´s Cliffhanger

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