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About me and my beloved cats - the scene behind DK * Coogan┤s

Lene & Bruce Wayne

Coogan┤s was established in 1996 with the breeding name - and from the beginning it was Lene who was the founder of Coogan┤s.

All my cats are special and I love dem deeply.

I love our cats very much and will NOT sell my kittens to any one, who will not take good care of the cats and love them for the rest of their life.

Kittens sold for pet will all be neutered before leaving the house.

You can tell me your opinoin, but never the less - this is not up for discussion !!

I love to follow my kittens and to have pictures of them in their new home.

It means a lot to me when I get pictures of them and hear the stories of their mischief, in their new home.

All my cats live together with me inside. I have no door closed.

You are more than welcome to contact me for further information about my cats or kittens.

Please contact me on :

Lene Glem

phone :  +45 28923374


Health & Testing

I do screen my cats for HCM and all my cats are tested for the MyBPC3 gene. I do use HCM/N (heterozygote positive) cats in my breeding program.

I do use the knowlegde of the this gene in my breeding planning - but I will not be ruled by it. I do use this knowledge as a tool for my cats and breeding program - but it is not a religion forme to have only MyBPC3 N/N cats in my cattery. The scientist has too low knowledge of how this gene works and what it does - they only know that there has to be more genes involved before developing the HCM disease.

I do test our kittens - which are sold for breeding - but only on the buyers cost if they want to know before having the kitten.

I do only sell breeding kittens to breeders who are registred with pedigree name in either FIFe, TICA or CFA. I will not start new breeders up - before they know what it takes - in good times and bad times - and have had some experience with the whole breeding process.

When you decide to take a cat home - you must realize that you have a big responsibility and always take the very best care of the cat. No matter what. The cats has not asked to live with us - but we have made that decision for the cat. Therefor you need to be sure that you always can give the cat the very best and always seek Veterinary when needed. It is not free to take that responsibility - so before you take that decision - think twice. For your sake - but mostly for the cats sake :-)

Do you want to try to breed - only in Danish language - click here


The life inside and outside the house of Coogan┤s



Every one of my cats are very special to me, and I love them all very very much.

All my neuters, that have been in the breeding, will all stay in our house.

They have given me so much pleasure and will not be re-placed in other homes.

Just because they are not active in breeding any more doesn┤t mean that there are no place for them in my house.

They will stay here for the rest of their lives and I will give them all their own special grave yard,

where they will be honoured as the special cat they were and still will be in my hearts.

Lumberjack enjoying the view and garden.....:-)



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