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My Cliffhanger

DOB : 12/7-2007

MCO n 09 22

Breeder : Lene Glem


Cliffhanger is my little Miracle baby.

After 2 pregnancies but with deadborn kittens I could hardly believe my ears, when Cliffhanger came to the world. He was screaming like a puppu with full batteries and it was a very very beautiful song in my ears :-)

Cliffhanger is definately here to stay. I simply could not let this little miracle baby leave my home. Cliffhanger is such a sweet purring boy. So much like his Mummy and Daddy. He is very playful but also very very gentle, kind and soft in mind. On his first show he had company by his mother Pompaya - and they just enjoyed each others company. Sleeping next to each other and relaxed.

Cliffhanger had a looong break from shows because he developed very unbalanced but after 9 months I took the chance and went to a show with him... Boy - what a temper he has - kind and sleeping and purring. Can you ask for more from a big Gentle Giant ?!

I love Cliffhanger from here and to eternity - we have a very special connection.

Love you Cliffhanger - always !!


Just turned 5 years old and still one soft teddybear :-)


5˝ years old.

3 years old


3˝ years old


1 year old


Keeping an eye for the Ladies :-)

6 months


1 year old and together with his brother - Master and Commander - and Daddy - Castle Rock Voyager.

One big happy family !!

12 weeks old


With his guarding Angle - look at the shadow :-)

1,5 weeks old

5 weeks old



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