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My Damon

DOB : 2/9-2015

MCO n 03 22

Breeder : Jannie Hultberg

Damon was actually a gift from my very sweet breeder friend, Jannie. As she decieded to stop breeding - she asked me if I could be interested in this last mating between my darling Jazdia and Diamond Dog. And I was very clear in my answer - YES !!
This is a dream combination to me - because I will have a lot of my old lines back in one cat - lines that I have been working with for years and that I am totally satisfied with. They make me happy - those lines. I have tons of precious ancestors in this pedigree and I appreciate this combination very very high. Thank you Jannie :-)
Damon came into the house and swept the feet away on all my girls - even Sommerfield is convienced totally. Damon is LOVED by all the cats in the house and he is a biiiiig bandit. Making tons of mischief - but at the same time - one big purring machine.
I like his type very much - strong broad jaw and symmetric muzzle. He is long and high - but at the same time very strong in body tone and very harmonic.
I love him sooo much and as his temper is perfect - I am just looking forward to spend my time with him as he is just one big happy purring boy :-)
Thank you so much Jannie - for making this dream come true. I have no words for my grattitude - you are the best :-)


April 2018

April 2018


1,5 years old and one big happy sweet boy :-)



1,5 years old


4 months old

4 months old


4 months old


6 weeks old



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