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My Foxy

DOB : 13/11-2010

MCO n 09 22

Breeder : Marianne Barbo


Foxy is a dream come true. I have been waiting for Foxy for several years and at last - here she was :-)

Her Daddy Topscore is very special to me and is one of my very few favorites. His pedigree is to me - very valuable. Just as Foxy is !!

Foxy is a very affectionated girl and she just loves to cuddle and purr all day long. You can feel that she has had the very best childhood with Carrabassett┤s :-)

She is a Tomb-girl but also at the same time very feminine and soft.

She is just lovely in her mind and outer look. I am crazy about this girl and love her very very much.

A big Thank you to Marianne & Rolf for letting me the proud slave and owner of this treasure - I will love her for the rest of my life.

She is a Juvel :-)

6 years old




5 years old

2,5 years old.







1 year old and acting like the Queen all ready :-)








6 months old and enjoying the life outside :-)


So lovely and beautiful - and newly arrived in my home :-)


6 months old and very curious.



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