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" only take pictures of me, Mummy.... " !!!!!!!!


Taking a nap - paw to paw :-)


Gertrude & Blade are feeling safe in each others paws :-)


Goofy is taking a nap in the sofa :-)


Mac does not find garden work serious and the leaves taste like s.... :-)

Again - kittens playing when taken photo session. The Chair was used for pictures and look what was going on - under the chair.. The last pictures have 3 kittens inside.. They are terrible........ sweet and adorable those kittens - haveing a great time playing while I am trying to take nice pictures of each one of them.. Hard work :-)

So you think it is easy to take pictures of kittens.. ??

Take a look what is going on behind the camera - when taking pictures of the small ones.. Those who are not in photosession - are attacking your feet, back, legs.. you name it.. :-) Yes - they are small bandits - but ohh my.. we love them to pieces :-)



Bad Hair day ??


Cliffhanger is enjoying the sun and the summer :-)

 - who said that a life as a stud male should be full of stress - Not Cliffhanger :-)


Bungo with his best friend - our dog Blade.. ........



" he he he he.. did you see that... what a joke .. he he he he..... "


Two Best Friends taking a nap :-)


" Come on, Baby - give me biiiiig kisss. Right on the nose - I am ready... ".... :-)


" Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh - that smell is awfull..... I think the farmer has been spreading "something"... that should be forbidden... " !!!!


The little baby has been put to bed :-)

Big sister Sommerfield is teaching bad manners :-) Toilet paper is the best !! :-)


Icecream is simply the best :-)


Saturday is Candy day - and AnnaBella is guarding it with her life :-)


But even a bulldog for candy can be very very tired :-)


"Come just a little bit closer - and I will catch you !! "


"..Now..... on which site is the monkey ...??..."


"Give me foooood now !!..... "

Who said that an Exotic couldn┤t move fast ???


" And I tell you - the mouse were the biggest ever seen in the whole world..

I tell you - it is really the the truth and nothing but the truth "


".. Ohh my God - the neighbour are wearing Hot Pants....."

"hahahahahahah...... OMG ... hahhahahahaha......................"


" MOVE........... - this is my place and only mine .... "


" I want to taste that.... "


" You have some very bad breath, Mummy.....Hmpffff... "


What ... did you say ... GIRLS.... ... Will be right there..  !!!!!!

" it┤s a tough Job to keep an eye on every bird in the air...:-) "


" ...QUITE................"


" Don┤t get any closer - I am the bulldog in this house .."


A new flower- specie ????


" You can┤t catch me - nanananana.. !! "


One very rare moment - two kittens sitting still.. " hmm something must be wrong...!!!! "


" I have not given orders to this stormy weather... "


Nightcrawler - the big hunter in position.. :))))


" Are you talking to me, Punk .. ??!!! "


Comfy and enjoying the springtime...


" 10 years and still sick for a sun bath "

" Ahhh - time for my nap... "


"Let┤s play hide and seek.... can you find me..???"

" I am in the deep deep Jungle...... he he he... "


Big Size and small size... :)

" Yummi...... that fly did taste good....!!!"


" A mouthfull of snow and still hungry.. hmmm!!!.... "


" How about this position, Mum - don┤t I look great ?"


" Who said this pot was for plants.....?? "


I said - "No more pictures, paparazzi..."  !!!!!!


"You told me to be charming ... he he he...!"


" I┤m too sexy.....:o) "


" Ha ha ha.. stop telling more jokes .... ha ha ha"

" You are very brave, Mister .......- don┤t you know I┤m the Queen..??!! "



" Give me a break  ....!!"

" That mouse has to die...!!"


" I think the neighbour is wearing Bikini today. ....."!!!

" What is that ??....."!!!


Buller is far far away......

Mum is simply the best .!!!!


" What was that you gave me to eat, Mum ....Arghhhhh  "!!


Buller in his favourite postition..


" You are boring me, Mum..."!!!

" Help - she┤s back with that camera."..!!!


" I smell food ...".

" Ha ha ha - did you see that - what a joke".....!!


" You are everywhere with that camera..".!!!

Buller & Lene

Gustav found the right spot to sleep..!!


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