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My Link

DOB : 15/1-2017


Breeder : Lene Glem


Link is such a darling boy. Acting soooo relaxed and sooo happy - purring all day long. He loves to be around me - and if he can not se me - he starts to call on me :-)

I needed a new boy - either for breeding or shows - and when Link decided to stay with me - I had absolutely no doubt - He was worth bringing to shows; with his temper and type.

I love the broadness of him - everywhere. Big paws, super coat and I adore to look into his "human" eyes.

He is everything to me - and I am speachless of gratitude, that he stays with me.

I love you Link - forever and ever. You and me - always :-)


4 months old and one big purring bear :-)


4 months old



9 weeks old

12 weeks old

3 weeks old

4 weeks old



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