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My Lizzy

DOB : 20/3-2016

MCO n 03

Breeder : Lene Glem

What can I say - Lizzy is my little Miracelgirl :-)

She was born as a "boy" but changed her gender at the Vet :-)

I was embarresed but still soooo thrilled because she really was big as a boy - robust as a boy and strong in her look as a boy. I have always wanted a girl looking like a boy - and here she was.

The name came naturally to me - because I wanted to name her after my sweetest friend Jorgen Billing - aka Lizzy :-)

So as there was Lizzy the first - Jorgen, Lizzy the second - me; it was very very clear and simply that she had to become Lizzy the Third :-)

Lizzy is the sweetest girl you can imagine - so connected to all the cats in the house and she wants to be with everyone at the same time. She loves to lay on my lap and just being kissed and cuddled - and have a good talk with me.

She is big as a boy, strong boning and super harmonic. I love her her colour division and the coat quality is outstanding - if I must say myself. She has the best temper ever and is so strong in her confidence and self-appreance. She has been on 2 shows now and she seems to love it - is very very playfull and happy in the cage and on the judges table.

I am really looking forward to see her developement and just to be with her day in and day out. I love this Tombgirl totally and she owns my heart :-)


1 year old - I simply love her :-)

1 year old - I simply love her :-)


10 months old

10 months old



5 months old



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