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My Pepper

DOB : 19/11-2012

MCO n (09)

Breeder : Lene Glem


Pepper is the daugher of my beloved Predator - Shug Avery. When I saw Pepper I simply had to keep her. I loved her at first sight and it gets bigger and bigger each day that goes on. Pepper has the most fantastic temper you can imagine - soft, sweet, kind, purring and still a very playfull Lady :-)

I lover her Attitude and personality - she is strong in mind and in her heart.

Pepper will always be an Angel i my heart and mind - no matter how she developes. But I have admit - I really like what I see when I look at her.

I love Pepper totally and forever - my sweet black Angel :-)


4 years old and just enjoying life with her babies :-)



8 months old and one big happy girl :-)


1,5 years old and just enjoying life with her friends :-)


5 months old


6 months old


10,5 weeks old


5 months old


3 weeks old

4,5 weeks old



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