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Pedigree of Dueled´s Damon Salvatore  x Coogan´s Pepper Potts

DK Dueled´s Damon Salvatore

MCO n 03 22


DK Coogan´s Diamond Dog Olmocabe´s Adventure Onassis of Baydar
Sujo´s Angelica Houston
Coogan´s Shug Avery GIC. Coogan´s Master and Commander
IC. Wytopitlock Hestia Jones, JW
Dueled´s Jazdia Dax Dueled´s Hannibal the Conqueror GIC. Dueled´s Adani Daniele
Pitho Caypso
Coogan´s Rayvie IC. Motaro of Nogegoon
Coogan´s Alex Munday
Coogan´s Pepper Potts 

MCO n 09


SC. WW07/09.WW08 Sebasco´s Ice Viking, JW, DSM EC.WW Sebasco´s Iceman EC. Sebasco´s Santana
CH. Guldfakse´s Hanging Cloud
Mountain Lynx Curacao IC. FIN*Champerlain Rain Maker
Moutain Lynx´s Athene
Coogan´s Shug Avery GIC. Coogan´s Master and Commander EC. Castle Rock Voyager
EC. Sebasco´s Pompaya of Coogan´s
IC. Wytopitlock Hestia Jones JW EC. Wytopitlock Gershwin
GIC. Wytopitlock Fair-y-Nuff


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